SDCP Newsletter: Touchpoints 04/2012


Welcome to Touchpoints

Welcome to the April SDCP Newsletter, where we keep our parents up to date on the latest happenings at SDCP, important dates, and other general information about our school. This month, we are hosting a wonderful Parenting Class that will help you learn all about “positive discipline” techniques. There are also some important dates around when our work party is, school break for Memorial Day and Teacher Appreciation Day! Lastly, Patty has some great book and article recommendations in Patty’s Corner. Enjoy!

Important Dates

Date Event
May 1st Teacher Appreciation Day
May 10th, 24th, and 31st Parenting Classes
May 28th Memorial Day- No School
June 2nd Work Party

Latest News

Parenting Class at SDCP

SDCP is hosting a “Parenting with Positive Discipline” class on May 10th, 24th, and 31st. There is a $75 registration donation for an Individual, and $90 for a couple. Please see the schedule below for the detailed days.

  • Thursday, May 10 from 6-8pm: Parenting that works: Kindness and firmness together
  • Thursday, May 24th 6-8pm: Why does my child do that: Paths to belonging
  • Thursday, May 31st, 6-8pm: Raising a cooperative child: Building your child’s skills

 Thank you and we hope to see you there!

Special Interest

A Letter from an alumni parent

My son, Gavin Kratz, was lucky enough to go to the San Diego Cooperative Preschool in the early 2000’s…Gavin is 14 now and I truly believe that he got off to a great start because of your preschool. I wanted to share with you, the staff, and parents Gavin’s talk on optimism. Gavin was the youngest speaker selected to talk at the TED Youth talk in Victoria. I know that part of his confidence and self esteem comes from the early foundation that he got at the preschool. He had such a great experience and I am so thankful that he went to your school.

Watch the Video Here:

Thank you,

Lisa Kratz

Patty’s Corner

Book Recommendation from Patty

Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs

Article Recommendations from Patty

Transitional Kindergarten: A Bridge to Success
Media Violence & Young Children CAEYC Article


“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”

-Clarence Budinton Kelland

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you. Worry that they are always watching you.

-Robert Fulghum