India Creef-Blizzard – Floater Teacher

My name is India Creef-Blizzard and I am the Head Afternoon Teacher here at San Diego Cooperative Preschool. Many of you might be wondering “What is a head afternoon teacher?” Under the supervision of the Director, the Head Afternoon Teacher is responsible for both the active supervision of three preschool classrooms and the toddler classroom. With the Lead and Assistant Teachers we have developed a fun and developmentally appropriate play based afternoon program, including outdoor experiences, art, physical activity, games and dramatic play. It is a pleasure to work with such a skilled and dedicated staff. We discover nature by navigating the natural space surrounding us on our play yards. Parents receive information from the PM program board which hangs outside of classroom 105.

Having an understanding of the community around us and what benefits it has to offer is a huge asset to the program. Having teachers, parents, and children in the classroom creates a healthy environment for learning and growing. Connecting with parents and community helpers in the classroom brings a sense of unity and security that every child needs. The San Diego Cooperative Preschool philosophy and the concept of the cooperative approach is what drew me to this school. Working together develops a sense of community in the classroom therefore creating a nurturing environment.

All of my child development education has been done at San Diego City College. I have received many certificates of achievement in Early Childhood Development and also have a Master Teacher credential from the state of California. I walked with High Honors in 2007.