Refunds and Prorates

September Tuition

September tuition is nonrefundable and must be paid at time of enrollment.

Late Admissions are Prorated

When a child enters after the school year has started, the tuition amount will be prorated accordingly.

Withdrawal from Preschool

When a family withdraws their child during the school year, one-month written notice is required. It is exceedingly difficult for the preschool to fill vacancies after the enrollment period ends. For this reason, a parent or parents withdrawing their child from the preschool after the date of enrollment will be assessed full tuition through the end of the school year,. A child is considered enrolled when his or her parent or guardian has signed and returned this Tuition Agreement and the Membership Agreement. The Director will make reasonable efforts to fill these vacancies; if she is able to do so, the amount of tuition owed as a result of the vacancy will be offset by the new student’s tuition, less an administrative fee of $150, and the parent will receive a refund in the appropriate amount.

Extended Absences

In the event of an extended absence, tuition must still be paid if space is to be held for the child.