Board of Directors Nominations

Dear San Diego Cooperative Preschool Parents, Staff and Alumni, and greater community-

The Nominating Committee is looking for interested and qualified individuals to serve on the San Diego Cooperative Preschool (Preschool) Board of Directors for the 2015-2016 academic year. It is an exciting time for the school as we continue forward with a new Executive Director and as a non-profit organization. There are many opportunities for representatives from the current and alumni Preschool community to serve as a Board member. Please consider playing an active part in the important decisions that sustain and enrich our school, now and for years to come!


The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, June 9th. Nominations are open to all incoming and current parents, staff, alumni and the greater community. Both self and non-self nominations are accepted to any position. From the pool of nominations, the current Board of Directors will approve a Board slate during the next Board meeting to be held on Tuesday, June 16th. The new Board of Director term begins immediately following a transitional Board meeting of both old and new members to be held at 6:00 PM Tuesday, July 21st.

Please submit nominations to  with: (1) Nominee name, (2) Nominee relationship to the Preschool, (3) voluntary disclosure of any Nominee financial conflicts (employee, relationship to employee), and (4) brief description of Nominee relevant experiences/expertise.


The key roles of the volunteer Board of Directors is to uphold the Preschool mission, manage educational and business affairs of the Preschool, and review, implement and update Strategic Plans. The members attend a monthly Board of Directors Meeting, which is also open to the entire Preschool. Board members serve on working committees that require additional time commitments. All Board member terms are appointed for one year (with multiple years of service permitted), with the exception of the Co-Presidents, who each serve staggered two-year terms.


Please see the attached information about the general responsibilities of the Board of Director positions, including four Officers (Co-President, Vice President of Development, Secretary and Treasurer), Room Representatives (one from each Room 103, Room 105, Room 107 and Room 109), one Staff Representative, and up to four At-Large Members (currently serving in roles such as Governance, Alumni Relations and Church Liaison). The Preschool Executive Director also serves as an Officer on the Board of Directors. With the exception of the specified Staff and Room Representative positions, the appointed positions are open to all parents, staff and alumni.

Desired Experience

The Board seeks to represent the broadest range of voices in the Preschool community, drawing on many different skill-sets and experiences. In particular, the Board has need for expertise and professional knowledge in the areas of nonprofit organization management, development and fundraising, law and legal affairs, finance, business, real estate, and educational fields. However, this experience is not a requirement for Board service. Alternatively, if you are qualified in any of these areas and interested instead in an advisory role, please let us know.

To learn more about the responsibilities of serving on the Preschool Board, please contact Patty Eshleman ( or me (, in person or by email. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Amy Kiger

Nominating Committee Chair, San Diego Cooperative Preschool

Summary of volunteer Board of Director positions and responsibilities



  • Attend all monthly Board of Directors meetings. Currently, evening on 3rdTues. every month.
  • Serve on Board Committees, as needed.
  • Solicit preschool-wide involvement in advisory roles to reflect all perspectives and best meet goals.
  • Participate in annual Strategic Planning Meeting.


  1. Co-Presidents (1 of 2 positions open)– two year term, staggered
  • Prepares agenda for Board Meetings; reviews and edits meeting minutes.
  • Keeps in regular contact with Preschool Executive Director.
  • Represents the Board at orientations, school events and in the community.
  • Serves on hiring committees; deals with legal counsel on any liability issues.
  • Serves on Budget and Executive Committees.


  1. Vice President of Development (1)– one year term
  • Works with Executive Director, Board and volunteers to determine fundraising goals.
  • Coordinates various subcommittees to meet annual fundraising goals.
  • Creates event budget proposals for submission to the Board.
  • Creates comprehensive Development calendar for preschool-wide distribution.
  • Liaison to preschool to disseminate information on development activities.


III.        Treasurer (1) – one year term

  • Oversees school’s financial records and statements.
  • Chair of the Budget Committee.
  • Coordinates fiscal matters with other Committees, e.g., Fundraising, Improvements.
  • Oversees any audit with the office administrator/bookkeeper.


  1. Secretary (1)– one year term
  • Distributes notices of Board meetings and posts meeting minutes within one week.
  • Maintains a record of all policy decisions made by the Board.
  • Updates Policies and Procedures as they are changed at Board meetings.
  • Serves as historian, with a file of previous minutes, decisions and committees


  1. Staff Representative (1)– one year term
  • Liaison between all Staff and the Board.
  • Reports to Board regarding Staff meetings and any feedback from Staff.
  • Solicits Staff input as needed on Board decisions, directions, and committees.
  • Keeps copies of Board meeting minutes and distributes Board information to staff.


  1. Room Representatives (4)– one year term
  • Liaison between all room parents and the Board.
  • Reports to Board regarding room activities, meetings and any feedback from parents.
  • Solicits parent input as needed on Board decisions, directions, and committees.
  • Keeps copies of Board meeting minutes and distributes Board information to parents.
  • Meets with respective teacher to strategize on best ways how to help the classroom.


VII.      At-Large Members (up to 4) – one year term

  • Available to volunteer for tasks associated with their areas of expertise.
  • May be designated as needed to a specific Board role, e.g., Alumni Relations, Governance, etc.