Disaster Prepareness Information

During the fall, all four classrooms will participate in a disaster preparedness drill. There are many kinds of disasters; we must be able to respond appropriately based on the conditions created by the disaster.Some conditions require a shelter-in approach (i.e. disruptive/threatening people present, chemical or radiation disasters). Other disasters require evacuation (i.e., earthquakes, fires).Because of our proximity, UCSD has offered us their expertise and has requested our participation in their disaster preparedness plans.In the event of a real disaster, UCSD will be contacting us to let us know what conditions are present.

Following are brief overviews of the two different possible responses to disasters:


All children will be brought into their classrooms.Attendance will be taken using the sign-in/sign-out sheets. All openings to the outside will be sealed as much as possible (i.e., windows closed, blinds drawn, towels put at base of door, etc.).Communications between the classrooms and the office will be via intercom or by cell phone.


The children will be evacuated to the yards adjoining each of the classrooms, at which time the teachers will use the sign-in/sign-out sheets to take attendance. Then they will be led to the west (canyon) end of the property, and up the driveway to the north of the church.From the driveway, the children will be taken to the northeastern end of the parking lot – near the Unitarian Church mosaic.Teachers will then take a second attendance, and review what has just occurred with the children and reassure them.Patty will set up a triage area as needed.This plan has been created in conjunction with the fire department.


1. Since the regular phone lines may be inoperable, in the event of an emergency; you can reach a preschool staff member on our emergency cell phone, at 619-246-6554.Tune your radio or TV to the Emergency Broadcasting System for information regarding conditions throughout the city.

2. Know that we have enough supplies to care for the children for 72 hours.The staff will remain here until all children are picked up.We will utilize UCSD Medical Center for any necessary medical treatment.

3. We will only release children to people you have authorized through the information on file in the office.Please be sure this information is up to date.

4. We must know any specific medical conditions or allergies pertaining to your child.If she/he may need any medication, please be sure we have a supply here.

5. Please make sure we have a personal disaster pack for your child. These should include a note to your child and picture of your family. There is a bag in each classroom for these special supplies.

6. Discuss your family’s plan in case of an earthquake or if disaster strikes while everyone is at various locations, i.e. where you should try to meet; an out-of-state contact that each family member knows to call for your condition or location (remember local telephone contact may be impossible).

7. The streets north of Washington may be closed to non-emergency vehicles. Be sure you have walking shoes in your car in case you have to walk in.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.