Parent Involvement Jobs and Events

Hi Parents! Please log your School Job hours here. Just enter your name and job information as requested by the form, and your hours will be logged to our database.

A new school job description sheet is now available. Click here to download the pdf file.

Preschool Cooperative Participation “Buyout” Option

The preschool cooperative relies on parent participation to complete various school tasks. Parents who are unable to fulfill these obligations will be asked to pay additional fees to “buyout” of performing the service(s). The Preschool asks that these additional fees be paid in advance of the required service the parents do not perform. These additional fees are not fines; they are the Preschool’s attempt to give parents flexibility in their participation in our cooperative preschool and to get the work that needs to be done completely covered.

Annual Work Party

Families who are not able to work at least four hours during the annual Work Party are permitted to do an after-party job within 30 days. Families may also chose to buyout of their work party commitment for a $150 fee. In an event that a family does fails to participate in the Work Party without prior arrangements, a fine of $200 will be assessed to their account.