Special Programs

Spanish Classes

Learning new languages is one of the best ways to nourish a growing mind. We are proud to be able to provide Spanish classes to all of our students this year.  Through stories, games, songs, flashcards and puzzles in Spanish, our students will enjoy sharing their multilingual skills with family and friends.  Parents who would like to support their child’s multilingual development can incorporate the words and phrases their child is working on into their daily routines.  For more information, please contact Caroline at:


Social Skills Curriculum

In addition to our regular focus on social development through play based learning, SDCP implements a focused social skills class once per week.  Affectionately called Dinosaur school, because there is a puppet dinosaur teaching the class, kids are able to tackle recognizing emotions, solving conflicts, dealing with anger, and problem solving through safe guidance and fun activities.  Parents who would like to learn more about this curriculum can contact Erin at:


Parenting Support

Our non profit has taken the initiative to provide professional parenting support to our families and those outside our walls.  Our Incredible Parents program provides parenting support groups and private parent coaching to help create a broad community where families are able to thrive. For more information about this program, or to sign up, please check out the program website at www.IncredibleParents.org