Parent Participation Preschool

Respect for the role of parents is a hallmark of our preschool. Parents are an integral part of the program and are encouraged to participate in all aspects of running the school. Parents’ input and participation enhances the curriculum, daily activities, and direction of the preschool. Parents are encouraged to share their own special talents and interests with the school. In the classroom, parent participation through cooping is at the cornerstone of our preschool’s philosophy. This participation offers a unique opportunity for the parents to deepen the parent-child relationship. Parents are able to learn about their preschooler’s development as well as skills and techniques for guiding young children. Outside the classroom, parents play a critical role in running the school. The school jobs which parents fulfill enhance the activities of the school at all levels – from providing guidance for policies and procedures (on the Board) to planning parent enrichment activities and school potlucks.

“Families are the wellspring that creates and nurtures the children in our classrooms. When working closely with families, we help to foster their sense of belonging and their confidence. We help to strengthen parent’s capacity to support their children over a lifetime.” By Gale Fischer and Bridget Murray, “When Teachers Reflect”

The idea of a cooperative extends beyond the actual operation and maintenance of the Preschool. We could not function without the thoughtful consideration of each other and the development of a sense of community.