Child-Centered Preschool Curriculum

All curricula at this school is child-driven and child-centered.


  • All planning is centered on the basic knowledge that children learn through a play-based program.
  • All schedules and routines are in place to show inherent respect for children’s developmental levels and are based on their needs. All planning is based on children’s interests. The use of themes is recognized as useful, but not absolutely necessary.

All areas of a child’s development are emphasized, including social, emotional, physical, cognitive, imaginative, and creative.

Organic Curriculum Inspiration

All curriculum has a variety of recognized sources, including: teacher’s interests, children’s interests, things in the physical environment, people in the social environment, curriculum resource materials, serendipity: unexpected events, living together: conflict resolution, care-giving and routines, and values held in the school, community, family and culture.


All assessment of children’s progress and development is respectful with an emphasis on teacher observations, anecdotal records, and parents’ observations and input. Assessment of young children is most valid when it takes place in the child’s natural environment. All assessment is grounded in the knowledge that children develop at widely differing rates and patterns and need to be considered as individuals.

Special Needs

All curriculum at the Preschool is designed to be inclusive of special needs and to enhance and support individual skills, learning-styles, and developmental stages.

All curriculum at the Preschool must help to create for our children a vision of a future in which each child plays an integral part as a doer, leader, and nurturer. We strive to encourage children to develop life-long, heart-felt values and to be sensitive to each other, their environment, and the world at large.