Our School

Preschool Mission Statement

The mission of the SDCP San Diego is to provide the highest quality care, while creating a nurturing and supportive community of children, parents, and highly skilled staff. Through a play-based program that attends to the whole child, we seek to enrich every child’s experience, and to empower each child to joyfully develop at his own rate. Through the cooperative partnership of parents and staff, we provide a model of community that will sustain and enrich our children throughout their lives.

Welcome to the San Diego Cooperative Preschool of San Diego!

Licensed Non-Profit

The San Diego Cooperative Preschool is a not-for-profit preschool licensed by the State of California, for children ages 18 months through six years. The Preschool is located at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego in Hillcrest at Front and Arbor Streets, across the street from UCSD Medical Center. Established by parents in 1963, it continues to be managed by a board of directors elected from and by the parents of enrolled children. The Preschool is considered a part of the Church’s outreach to the San Diego community and receives financial and administrative support from the Church.

Preschool Staff

Our staff consists of an experienced director with a degree in Early Childhood Education; teachers with degrees in child development; and assistant teachers with training and experience working with young children. The Director oversees the educational program and staff, and works hand-in-hand with the Board to carry out the administrative duties and activities. All teachers have fulfilled state law requirements for teaching in preschools, and have been chosen for their educational qualifications and their warmth and responsiveness to the children individually or in groups. We are proud of our high standards of teaching excellence.


Admission to the school is without regard to race or national origin. Both the Preschool and the Church share basic humanistic values which emphasize respect for the individual child. The Preschool offers child oriented activities which encourage the development of each child’s emotional, physical, social, intellectual and creative capacities. By encouraging the individual child to pursue his or her interests from among the many varied activities available, the Preschool hopes to foster the development of self esteem, independence, initiative, cooperation and friendliness.

Alternative Payments Accepted

The San Diego Cooperative Preschool accepts Alternative Payment Funding, as well as Child Development Associates Subsidized Child Care, and San Diego County Payments. For more information on these programs please go to Childcare Resource Service, YMCA of San Diego, or call the preschool office.